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" Thalidomide Kid is about handicaps, both physical and mental. It takes a while to see this, because author Kate Rigby unfolds the issues so delicately. At first it seems to be simply an unusual high school romance, between people we are rooting for. Our involvement with Daryl and Celia is instant and permanent. Their lives seem so familiar that we cannot separate ourselves from them.

When I came smack up against the ending, my immediate assessment was: it isn't the handicap, it's what you do with it that matters. Then I started digging into backgrounds. Why does each person do what they do? Family love and support is a major factor.

I was reluctant to start Thalidomide Kid, because it looked so grim. Was I wrong!  Don't miss this brilliant exploration of what truly makes a handicap.”  Joy Calderwood www.reviewers-choice.com






(currently out of print)

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