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"I actually wasn't even planning on reading it straight away. I just wanted to check out the first page or so to see what the writing style was like but within the first sentence it hooked me and didn't let go! It was truly an amazing short. My heart was literally broken in two by the end of it.

The writing was spectacular. I mean, my mind was blown at just how well Kate Rigby used language and literary techniques to create a scene. The descriptions seem straight out of the mouth of a child with a fierce imagination.

This book reminded me a lot of Room but in my opinion, a lot better. I'm also glad it was done as a short, as I think this was best suited." (Miss L Johnston)

'I thought this story was haunting, and in many ways it reminded my of The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.  Hannah is portrayed as this wounded, fragile creature that must be protected at all costs due to a legitimate health problem.  But the fear of illness, the need to protect, and the need to isolate Hannah becomes an obsession for her mother.  We see Hannah forced into a much sicker, weaker state as a result of this smothering need to protect.

Written in Hannah's first person narrative voice, the tale, though brief, is heartbreaking.  We feel intimately connected to Hannah, and it hurts that we can see better than she what is happening to her.  The writing, though simple, is evocative of fairly sophisticated emotions.  Do not let the brevity of the story fool you; there is a lot going on here.'  Tiffany's Bookshelf

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