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 This is my oldest book, so old it is historical as I started writing it in the 1970s. It started out with the title 'Where A Shadow Played' and was awarded a Southern Arts bursary in 1991.  An agent from A M Heath then took it up in 1993 but failed to place it, before I put it aside to concentrate on new novels. It has enjoyed a chequered past.

Set in the nineteen-seventies, it begins with Amanda Court's longing to be reunited with her estranged twin sister Jo. Following a false lead, Amanda leaves her Merseyside home and family and goes to Devon to work as a chambermaid where she believes Jo now lives.

Gradually it emerges that Jo is, seemingly, just a figment of Amanda's imagination arising from distorted childhood truths.

It is a psychological novel about family secrets and a disturbing portrayal of the fragility of the mind.

"Did You Whisper Back? brings out some of the best plots and sub-plots a good psychological story should contain. Many times I'd found the hairs raising on the back of my neck while reading this book..Just when I thought I'd figured out what was happening, another twist was thrown in to keep me addicted - which is what any well-executed novel should do.

For those who appreciate a good psychological chiller or two, Did You Whisper Back is one book that belongs in their Kindle libraries." Feb 2012 newandgoodreading.wordpress.com










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